The word ‘subtle’ means ‘slight and not obvious’. Subtle aromatherapy works on a level that cannot be seen. The oils used in subtle aromatherapy work on a vibrational level. Vibrational means to ‘be communicated on an unconscious level’. Subtle aromatherapy uses the subtle energies from the oils to influence and restore the energetic body of the individual. This in turn leads to the homeostasis of the physical body.

Research has been carried out on the relationship between our emotional self and our physical body (Pert, C. 1997). Our state of mind can influence the biomolecules of our physical self. A healthy mind means a healthy body. The unconscious mind is the aspect of our self that is not known or understood easily. Our experiences and interactions with others from the moment we are born to the present moment can affect our unconscious processes. Subtle aromatherapy has the ability to calm and restore the unconscious mind.

The healing powers of the plant are drawn upon. The process of photosynthesis converts the energy from the sun, carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere and water from the soil, into a chemical energy which is finally extracted from the plant using a process of steam distillation, into the form of an essential aromatherapy oil. Each plant, tree, flower or herb is grown in it’s own unique eco-system. This gives the aromatherapy oils their different healing properties. For example, lavender grown at high altitudes will have different healing properties to lavender grown at a lower level. Frankincense is extracted from the bark of the tree, it produces a resin which eventually hardens. Trees are both in the ground (roots) and in the atmosphere (branches) therefore frankincense is a very grounding oil but also has the ability to deepen and slow the breath allowing the mind to reach a higher state of being in meditation.

While aromatherapy has the ability to heal the physical self it also has the ability to heal the mind, spirit or soul. If you are intrigued by subtle aromatherapy, please do contact me for more information.

© Melissa Mylou 2014

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