Stress Reduction Body Mousse

Stress Reduction Body Mousse

My made to order body mousses have been developed to suite your busy lifestyle. If you live in a heightened state of stress, then a body mousse will help kick-start your para-sympathetic nervous system and if you use it in conjuction with other healthy lifestyle choices, such as meditation, diet, exercise and being in nature, you will begin to relax and begin to feel calm.

The shea butter will help with ageing skin and cell regeneration. The jojoba wax is a healing topical that has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, so will help with soothing any aching joints. It absorbs with ease into the corneal layer of the skin, where it balances your skin type. The vitamin E oil (soya based) is full of anti-oxidents and protects against the free radicals that may build up in your body. It’s easily absorbed into your skin. I also use a selection of three aromatherapy oils which will help balance the secrection of hormones from your adrenal gland, lessen axiety and enstills confidence, stimulates regeneration of new cells and improves elasticity to your skin. This body butter can be used in meditation and will comfort and calm any over active mind. It also strengthens the heart chakra. You will need to apply to your chest area, under your ribs and the top of your tummy.

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