Reiki is an ancient practice and is a slight touch massage of our energy within. It is a hands on treatment and to keep in line with Covid-19 regulations a mask would need to be worn. Each client will experience Reiki in their own way. Some people feel an energetic shift within their core, others see an array of lights when they close their eyes and others may just twitch their way through the session.  It can work on a physical, emotional, psychological or ethereal level. However it affects you, you will feel relaxed, calm and more attuned to your true self. I take a holistic, whole person approach to the therapies I offer, and will support you in understanding your physical and psychological symptoms, as well as environmental, nutritional, social and cultural aspects of your life. Holistic therapy aims to nurture each individual in the context of their own life. It will empower you to improve on your health, by yourself. The anxieties and pressure of life in the 21st century can take it’s toll both psychologically and physically. Holistic therapy has the power to induce deep relaxation and return the mind and body to a state of calm and rest. Using Reiki is a healthier response to stress and will assist you in managing the greater challenges in life.

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