Meditation Classes

I provide group and 1:1 meditation sessions, in a creative outdoor space surrounded by the protection of the North Downs in Otford. As a holistic therapist and counsellor I will teach you to use your mind, to quiet your mind from the inner dialogues that can sometimes take over your thoughts. Throughout our sessions we will focus on posture, breath and breathing, body scanning, moments of stillness and observing the mind. I can use guided imagery and visualisations to help guide you through challenging circumstances in your life. Together we can work through unresolved issues of resentment, anger, aggressiveness and criticism. Using meditation I can help you develop your inner qualities such as freedom, understanding, joy and gratitude. It will become a life long tool for diminishing worrying and will assist with your journey of growth and self awareness.

All my classes are set in my very rustic, busy garden, amongst the wild geranium, jasmine, English marigolds, sunflowers and lavender. Social distancing will be maintained. I run both evening and daytime courses. I also run full-moon meditation sessions. Prices for group sessions are £5.00 per person, with a maximum of five people, session last for a maximum of one hour. Individual sessions are 30 minutes long and cost £10.00. If you would like to book a class with me please email me on and I will send you a timetable.

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