Holistic Therapies

The therapies I provide can be used in conjunction with, or instead of conventional medical treatment. Each therapy has the ability to improve the life you are living and help you cope with and manage the stress in your life.

There are many factors that can contribute to the stressful lives we may lead, such as the increase in population, austerity which began in 2008, changes in how families are supported, increased conflicts across the globe, climate change and natural disasters and the rapid advancement of technology, including social media. And now we have the additional stress of Covid-19. All contribute to the fast pace and at times, confused society we are now living in. Holistic therapy allows you the time to slow down, take a breath and reflect on the life you are living. Self reflection can be used as a powerful tool to lead the life you want to live.

Stress in the workplace is more common than people think and 40% of illnesses within the workplace in 2011 and 2012 were stress related (HSE,2013). The industries reporting the highest rates of work related stress were human health and social work, education, public administration and defence. Women were greater sufferers of stress, as opposed to their male counter parts.


Some of the main causes of stress in the work place were increased workload, difficulty in meeting deadlines and increased responsibilty. Between 2011- 2012, 10.4 million working days were lost due to work related stress.

Holistic therapy does not claim to cure but can have a massive impact on your overall emotional health and inner and physical well being. The therapies I offer takes a holistic approach. Together we can explore and understand the various aspects of your life such has your diet, your support networks, the amount of exercise you do each week and your general health. Holistic therapy has the potential to give you the tools and resources you need to transform you life. Being regularly massaged also boost your immune system and helps fight infection.


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