Consultations in Nature

Melissa M’Lou

Nature is Sentient

Meditation in Nature

I began meditating in 2007. I have spent the years since developing my own breathing techniques and meditation has become an invaluable tool which assists me to overcome the stresses of the everyday world we now live in. In 2019 I became a certified meditation teacher. I am able to develop programs for any age, from pre-school to the elderly. Please contact me for a free lifestyle review consultation. Prices begin at £5.00 per person, depending on class size.


Whether you decide to choose an aromatherapy massage, a topical (cream, oil or butter) or a perfume, aromatherapy has the ability to truly transform you life. The power of nature is overwhelming and the chemical constituents the photosynthesis process creates can work with every system in your body to make life a little more manageable.

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