Concentration and Memory

As the organiser in my home (like most women) I always have lots to remember for lots of people. Sometimes there isn’t anymore room in my head to fit in information that maybe important for the day ahead. There are oils that can help open the mind and make us more alert for the day ahead. You may have lots going on at home but you need to prepare for an important meeting at work. You may have lots going on at work, with one meeting after another. I can create a blend that will be certain to help pick you up and focus for the day ahead. Just a few drops onto a tissue, tucked under your collar, no-one will even notice!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex disorder that influences concentration, impulsivity and the emotions. I can create a blend to help regulate these traits of ADHD. Feeling angry can be a natural response to a situation we may find ourselves in. People who have ADHD find it difficult to regulate how they feel sometimes and can misread situations. The oils I use are very grounding and can help diminish any anger felt, returning the individual to a state of homeostasis. I can also address concentration.

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