Cell Regeneration and Anti-aging

Aging is a process that needs to be embraced. As I hit 41 I decided that I had enough battles in my life and fighting the aging process wouldn’t be one of them. I no longer pull out the grey hairs, they just grow now, in leaps and bounds. In my teenage years I didn’t look after my skin when I would spend four weeks basking in the sun at my parents apartment in Menorca. I would slap on the “no factor” sun cream just to deepen the colour of my tan. As I grew older I realised how damaging the sun was to my skin and made the decision not to sunbathe anymore. I always buy moisturisers with a high factor now. When I’m gardening, I am fully protected.

I look after my skin now and I have a very strict beauty regime. My mum taught me from a very young age, cleanse, tone and then moisturise. It not only benefits your skin, it creates a routine in your life and can help relax you, either at the beginning of a stressful day or at the end of one.

I can provide a facial oil blend that will rejuvenate, repair and recondition your skin and clear and cleanse your mind and spirit.

If you would like to order an oil please email me at melissawardtherapies@yahoo.co.uk

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