Melissa M’Lou

I was born and brought up in Honor Oak, one of the leafiest suburbs in South-East London. My mum’s nickname for me was Melissa M’Lou, so I use it now as my name to remember her and the great role model she was. When I was seventeen I lost both my parents and my home. My Mum died of breast cancer and I lost my dad to the path he chose. He finally died 23 years after my mum, I am proud of him for carrying on without her even though his path was a little ragged at times. My own experiences led me onto a very different path and I had to discover who I was without the love and support of my family. Nature has been instrumental in my journey and it has allowed me to experience moments of connections to something greater than the monotony of everyday life, Abraham Maslow has called them peak experiences. I’ve studied integrative counselling for three years, part of this time I spent studying meditation and transpersonal psychology at the University of East London, my supervisor was a nun of a high order and I worked with Buddhist Monks. In my own therapy, I use my dreams as a tool to understanding my journey. I am also a qualified ITEC therapist, specialising in aromatherapy, reiki and meditation.

I take a psycho-spiritual approach to my work and integrate the healing of the mind, body, emotion and spirit. I use guided meditation, awareness of breath and acupressure points as tools to aid the healing process. I have worked with a very diverse client group and I have 15 years experience of working with children and their families. I have an in depth knowledge on needs such as bereavement, learning difficulties, additional needs such as ADHD and autistic spectrum condition, attachment disorder, pathological demand avoidance, and depression and anxiety. I take a very holistic approach to the individual and I am able to help support and transform my clients in various aspects of their life. I can give support on lifestyle, healthy eating and drinking, exercise and relationship difficulties.

As part of my training to be a psychotherapist, I have worked with more vulnerable members of society such as those with mental health needs, drug and alcohol addiction and women fleeing domestic abuse.

I also have a Bachelor of Art in Communications and Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London and I studied Water Security and International Development at the University of East Anglia. I developed my passion for nature and the environment at Goldsmiths and deepened my knowledge at the University of East Anglia where I was part of a research project on Climate Change and Conflict for the Tyndall Centre for Climatic Research.

If you would like to book an appointment to see me please email me on Thank you for taking the time to read my web page.

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