Global Shipping and it’s Environmental Impact

Apsara – The female spirit of the clouds and water.

Water has slowly crept it’s way into my own psycho-spiritual journey. When I began exploring my experiences and how they had impacted my sense of Self, through transpersonal therapy, my dreams of water began and still continue today. Water has become sacred to my journey and to this planet, Earth is the water planet. Water has the ability to heal throughout many religions and cultures.

My hopes of healing were met by the EU directive on clean rivers which meant the UK would begin to reap the benefits of sewage free water. Cleansed water would finally flow freely across our pastures green. Fresh water has allowed humanity to grow and cultures across the planet have flourished with the touch of water on their lips. The fish we eat has been nurtured by the oceans we are surrounded by and we need to acknowledge how great water really is but lately the focus has been on net zero carbon.

COP26 is going to be held in Glasgow in November. It’s narrative and focus is on a net zero economy to tackle the climate crisis. The sinking of the MV X-Press Pearl, in mid May 2021 has highlighted a self governed regulation of the shipping industry via the UN. The UN’s International Maritime Organisation will need to be highlighted at COP26 if any progress is to be made in, on and around our oceans. If there was any confidence in the health and safety around the transportation of goods across our oceans, this disaster has, for sure, completely diminished any responsible adults working in shipping. What plonka decided that it would be a good idea to put nitric acid, nurdles and oil all the same ship? And why on earth are micro-plastics even allowed to be transported anywhere near the ocean, surely they would be marked to be transported via air? Capitalism has lost its way and the sacred now, is how many millions can be made, with zero thought towards the feelings of this planet. Nature will bite back, we just don’t know how, yet. Her scarred face will rise from the water and lash those made dollars right from under the noses of the wealthy who think they dominate and control this planet. Nature will rise, not the people, we don’t need to because she is on our side.

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